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If you want we can also create an original soundtrack or mix the one we are given by you.


If you fancy listening some other voices click here. ​​​​​​​


Training courses, documentaries, we show your contents. For this kind of recordings, the most wanted voices are those able to narrate the given texts by the client, in a warm and neutral way and with an exquisite pronunciation.


Not only we own a professional recording studio but also a wide voices bank.


Audioguides are perfect for showing museums, exhibitions, works of art, private business or outdoor events.


Define accurately those details you would like to show in any language you want.


We offer these services: we write your scripts, translate and record not only the audio but also we can show it all together in a video.


This is an example in four languages:


Videogames, serials, flims, animations...


Interpretive capacity is the leading role in this area. These voices give us intonation, declamation, feelings and personality. All together turn your creations alive.


Our voices work professionally on the media and will be able to uprise your characters to a new level.

This product will be able to spread and transmit your message on the radio, by loudspeakers,  answering machine, audiovisual presentations, etc.


We work with voices specialized on professional advertising, which will give a strong temperament to your piece, so the object of your ad will stay in listeners minds.

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